5 Robin Williams Movies That Inspired Us

These are the best 5 Robin Williams movies that you need to watch ASAP.

Robin Williams Movies

Robin Williams was no doubt an extraordinary actor. He was brilliant on TV and in films and was even a great stand-up comedian. He had an illustrious career filled with Golden Globes, Emmys, and an Oscar. Here are five movies in which Williams blew us away with his performance.

  1. grandiose

    Williams initially declined to do the part but later agreed to do it on his own terms. He improvised the script of the Genie’s character, which was quite laughable. Though “Aladdin” was denied the Oscar nomination for best screenplay, the movie was still appreciated by fans and holds a ranking of 8.0 on IMDB.

  2. hitfix

    “The Fisher King” is hailed as a great movie. The acting was outstanding and we think it was Williams’s best performance till date. The story follows a dejected DJ who strikes up a strange friendship with a homeless man (Robin Williams) who had a connection with him in past. Together they embark on a journey of discovery and redemption. IMDB gives the drama a 7.6 rating.

  3. Credit

    Hans Camarena
    Some call it dark comedy or crude, but “World’s Greatest Dad” is simply about Lance Clayton (Robin Williams), a high school teacher whose dreams of achieving fame are fast-tracked into reality when his son dies in an embarrassing accident. Clayton uses his son’s accident and turns it into fake suicide to get attention and even the love of his crush, the art teacher. IMDB gave the movie a 7.0.

  4. suffolkcinema

    Williams’s performance in “Good Will Hunting” earned him the Oscar he deserved. He starred as a psychiatrist who helped a troubled janitor (Matt Damon) move beyond his past and realize his potential. His role in this movie was different from his usual role of a comedian, but we think that it was a much-needed change. Viewers enjoyed seeing a different side of Williams on screen, and were enthralled by his amazing performance in the final scene. The film managed to get an 8.2 rating on IMDB.

  5. tuxboard

    Hannah Borman
    This 1987 movie marked Williams’s first nomination for an Oscar and also won him his first Golden Globe award. Starring as a DJ, who has been assigned to the radio station of the US Armed Services in Vietnam, his job is to inform the audience about the war and add some humor to the announcements. The movie shows us how he comes to see a side of war that is never reported on radio and his battle with the management’s hypocrisy. IMDB rated the movie 7.3.

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