15 Tall Annoyances Faced by Tall Girls

Being short can be a blessing as you can certainly avoid these annoyances that tall girls have to deal with.

The problems faced by long-legged beauties are very different from the rest of the problems faced by the female species. If you are a short or medium sized girl, then just thank God, because you will never face any of the following issues. If you are a tall girl, give yourself a hug from us, because we completely understand all your sorrows.

tall girls

1. You can’t cross your legs under the table because your knee will hit the table top. Ouch!

2. If you wear a mini dress, it ends up looking like a top. And if you wear a top, it seems as if you have tried to fit in your younger sister’s clothes.

3. You are one of the reasons small children keep falling down. Because you can’t see these small people and continuously run into them unintentionally.

4. People keep asking you how tall you are. It’s a conversation starter, sure, but you’ve repeated the answer a thousand times to thousands of people.

5. Trying to fit in a selfie with your shorter friends. You have to bend awkwardly if you want to get your head inside the frame.

6. You can just look at pretty heels. “Only look and never buy” is your thing. Flats are your only available footwear for any occasion.

7. In group photos, you always have to stand at the back with all the boys. So you are often the one odd one out in the back row.

8. You are automatically the go-to person when something on the top shelf needs to be reached. Now people don’t even try anymore, because they know you are there.

9. You can’t take naps on the couch because your feet (and almost half your legs) are dangling in mid-air.

10. You never find shoes in your size, and often have to make purchases from the men’s section.

11. You bump into wind chimes and lamps. And sometimes you get tangled in dangly wind chimes.

12. The first thing people notice about you is your height, always. Here’s to making a strong first impression.

13. Like big feet you also have “man hands” and you hate that.

14. All your jeans are mostly capris. You have to get extra long pairs, so they fit you properly.

15. You give the awkwardest hugs. And you get the most awkward hugs in return.

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