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16 Best Free & Paid Apple Watch Games 2017

BuzzFyre brings you the best Apple Watch games 2017.

Ever since Apple launched its Apple Watch, it has been another hit for all loyal customers. The watch itself doesn’t act like an iPhone but is an extension of an iPhone. After the recent update, there are many games that are available for it that are surely worth trying. Here are the best Apple Watch...
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Now You Can Track your New Year’s Fitness Targets with Google Calendar’s Goals

Google Calendar announced an update to its Goal feature that now works with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Last year, people Google Calendar announced Goals that had many people excited over it. The app incorporated Google’s prestigious AI that helped users figure out when and how to fit a run in your daily routine, or when to learn a new skill or even when you need to call your parents. The feature actually...
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How To Enable Amazon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you are a regular customer that buys through Amazon then you need to read this post.

The Holiday season is here and everyone needs to buy something but the real problem is, will their transaction be protected? Today we’ll look at how to enable the two-factor authentication on Amazon to protect your financial information, shopping preferences, and purchases. Amazon supports 2FA via both text messages and an authenticator app. Authenticator apps are...
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7 Best iPad Deals for Christmas and New Year 2016

BuzzFyre brings to you the best iPad deals for Christmas and New Year 2016. Deals include Best Buy, Target and MacMall.

Planning to buy an iPad this Christmas or New Year? You are in luck as many retailers are offering hefty discounts across Apple’s iPad lineup. Do keep in mind that Apple plans to unveil new iPad Pro variants next year with some design changes, but if those changes don’t particularly interest you, then you can...
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World’s Largest 3D Printer: It Will Definitely Amaze You

BuzzFyre introduces you to the world's largest 3D printer that can print almost anything.

This is the era that has redefined printing through the 3D technology. With this new technology, the fairly simple device has a lot to offer. Initially, printing was done by spraying ink on a paper but this new technology puts layer upon layer to make a 3D object. China, as we know, has captivated the...
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How To Pair AirPods With Apple TV, PC, Android, Macs, And Much More

Apple rolled out its AirPods recently people still believe that they can only be paired with Apple devices, which is not the case.

Apple finally released its AirPods and customer reviews are flooding in. One of the earliest misconception among people was that like other Apple products, the AirPods will also pair with just Apple devices and not with other non-Apple devices. However, this misconception was lifted when they actually came out and people tested it with other...
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Uber, Apple, Google Are The Latest Tech Companies To Stand Against A Muslim Registry

Many tech giants have been asked to help in making a Muslim Registry as part of Trump’s administration.

Recently, Uber, Apple, and Google have expressed their views regarding their participation in helping build a Muslim registry for the upcoming Donald Trump administration. An Apple’s spokesperson stated, ‘We think people should be treated the same no matter how they worship, what they look like, who they love. We haven’t been asked and we would...
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How To Install or Uninstall McDonald’s McRib Locator App

McDonald's McRib has gained a lot of popularity recently and here we have a guide on how to install and uninstall the app.

McDonald’s recently introduced a new strategy through which each user can locate which outlet is giving the McRib on a particular day or time. It is available online and on an iOS & Android app, called McRib Locator App. Download on: Google Play Store | Apple iTunes Store The whole idea behind this strategy is that it is...
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Pokemon Go, Starbucks Partnering To Energize All Players, Bring A New Pokemon

According to a leaked memo from Starbucks employees, the coffee shop is partnering with Pokemon Go

How many gamers out there love Starbucks? How many Pokemon Go players love Starbucks? How about if the two join hands for a partnership? Well, that is exactly what is happening, Niantic plans to team up with Starbucks and will launch a massive Pokemon Go update. In this update, the coffeehouse franchise will become a...
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Amazon Go: All You Need To Know

Amazon disclosed its new store, Amazon Go that does not require the customer to checkout or wait in line.

Many of us know what automation can bring but Amazon Go has brought in something that seems ahead of its time. The no checkout, no queue stores. So let’s start with what is it. What is Amazon Go? Amazon Go is a new kind of automated store that does not require you to checkout. It...

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