20 Things You Should Never Say To A Gamer Girl

Just like a gamer boy, there are certain things that you are not supposed to say to a gamer girl.

Gone are the days when playing video games was a boys-only hobby. Now girls compete shoulder to shoulder with boys and often beat them.  Since these girls take gaming a little too seriously, it would be a bad idea to say things to them that can make them angry. For your benefit, we have compiled a list of things you should never say to a gamer girl:


  1. What you say: “You’re not too bad you know. Being a girl and all.”
  2. What they think: “I am damn good. Face it and appreciate me, you loser.”
  3. What you say: “I let you win because you are a girl.”
  4. What they think: “Whatever makes you sleep at night. The truth is I beat you and I beat you bad.”
  5. What you say: “I let you win because you would have cried otherwise.”
  6. What they think: “You are crying on the inside and are now making lame excuses to cover it up. Also, I can hit you and show you what crying actually is.”
  7. What you say: “Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?”
  8. What they think: “Shouldn’t you be in a deep pit full of carnivorous rats?”
  9. What you say: “Do you need help? Should I lend you some bullets?”
  10. What they think: “I know what I’m doing. I’ll ask for help if I want it.”
  11. What you say: “Can I have your picture?”
  12. What they think: “No. Play the game!”
  13. What you say: “You don’t look like a gamer!”
  14. What they think: “Gamers have three eyes?”
  15. What you say: “This one is not your type; it has a lot of bloodshed and violence.”
  16. What they think: “Right, because my type is rainbows and unicorns?”
  17. What you say: “Press that button to jump.”
  18. What they think: “Hey thanks. Maybe I’m holding the controller upside down too. “
  19. What you say: “So your boyfriend taught you?”
  20. What they think: “Why does it even matter?”

So the next time you confront a female gamer, be careful. Don’t say these things, because now you know how annoying they are. Compete with them like you would with another guy. That is all the gamer girls want.

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