Top 5 Richest Countries in The World Per Capita Basis

These are the top 5 countries that have made their way as the richest across the globe when estimated through per capita basis.

Richest Countries

These are the top 5 countries that have made their way as the richest Country across the globe when estimated through per capita basis. See if your country is on the list or not.

 5. Norway

GDP Per Capita: $64,856

Norway has natural oil reserves like Qatar and has the variety of becoming a mixed economy.  Although 57 percent economic capital is governed through oil, the country is trying its best to exploit other markets through these reserves.  The money is not used on citizens but this has made it a stable known country across the globe.


4. Brunei

GDP Per Capita: $71,185

Brunei, a micro-state that is merely unknown in the world, has a strong economy due to its petroleum reserves. The country has a debt-free status; moreover, they derive 90 percent of their livelihood through the oil reserves.


3. Singapore

GDP Per Capita: $82,763

Singapore is an island state that is known as one of the most important port of the world. They are the major commercial hub through which shipping and transportation are done. The population is 5.4 million and it is a highly urban city. The country is likely to become richer in the future.


2. Luxembourg

GDP Per Capita: $97,662

Primarily, Luxembourg earned through its steel and chemicals industries but with these sectors switching to Asia, the country soon took over banking and other financial institutions for governance. They have appealing corporate taxes that make it the hub for multinationals.  The country has a limited population of 537,853 that is easy to manage as well.


1. Qatar

GDP Per Capita: $140,649

Qatar is popular for their wealth that is generally seen through them buying airlines, soccer teams, and other stuff globally. The prime reason for their riches is “oil”. They are the proud owners of the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world. They have a population of 1.8 million but nationality is given to only 280,000. Qatar is monarchy governed by Al Thani family. The riches are reserved for the locals whereas the working class is simply the laboring underclass.


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