15 Transparent Fish That Clearly Have Nothing To Hide

Transparent Fish

There are numerous animals in the animal kingdom that we have not discovered so far. Especially if we talk about the world under the sea then that is the most unexplored region in throughout the world. Here, we have compiled a list of the most amazing see through fish that you may not have come across before. These transparent fish are so clear that you can see there exoskeleton with a naked eye.


  1. 1 Sea Salp


    These tiny barrel-shaped organisms move through the water by pumping water through their gelatinous bodies, munching on phytoplankton as they move. Salps are known for their unique life cycle, during which they exist both as individuals and part of a larger organism. Four-inch sea salps link together to make luminous chains up to fifteen feet long!
  2. 2 Ghost Shrimp

    Transparent Fish

    Also known as the Glass Shrimp, this translucent crustacean is a popular pet. Its natural habitat is in the brackish water of wetlands, where it is a skilled scavenger.
  3. 3 Barreleye Fish

    Transparent Fish

    This intriguing fish has barrel-shaped tubular eyes that are extremely light-sensitive and are directed upwards to detect the silhouette of prey. The eyes are in a transparent domed head, which allows the fish to capture maximum light. The luminous organs of this fish glow because of the presence of symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria. The two spots above the fish’s mouth that look like eyes are actually olfactory organs called nares.
  4. 4 Crocodile Icefish

    Transparent Fish

    This ghostly Antarctic fish has colorless blood — it’s the only known vertebrate without red blood cells and hemoglobin.
  5. 5 Glass Squid

    Transparent Fish

    There are about 60 different species of glass squid that make up the Cranchiidae family. Many species are bioluminescent and possess light organs on the undersides of their eyes. They typically move vertically to reduce visibility, as their digestive glands can be seen through their see-through skin.

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