5 Effects Of The Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Everyone remembers the story but it turned out to be a popular syndrome, the ugly duckling syndrome.

Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Who knew that a childhood tale would become one of the most popular syndromes that the human population suffers from. Yes, the “ugly duckling syndrome” exists for real. According to Urban dictionary, “beautiful people who didn’t get pretty until high school or later, and were nice because they were ugly” are believed to suffer from this disorder.

We present five significant effects of this syndrome. Memories of the ugly duckling phase remain with you forever, no matter how beautiful you become later in life.

1. Accepting a compliment becomes difficult

You are too used to people making fun of you and every compliment that comes your way is viewed with a critical mindset as you try to find humor/sarcasm behind it.

Don’t blame me I looked like that before!


2. You only value inner beauty

Since that huge mass of hair and those hideous braces left you looking like Anne Hathaway from “The Princess Diaries” before her transformation, you only value and respect inner beauty. After all, big pretty eyes and a flashing smile are common, but people who are genuine from the inside are as rare as a hen with teeth!

It took some guts to keep that mass of hair open and floating freely in the air!


3. You just cannot stand people who bully or humiliate others

Since you faced every kind of humiliation throughout your childhood, you feel that standing up for the rights of those who are bullied by others is your moral duty.

Yes, I know the word “crap” was invented for me!


4. You keep living in denial and hope to become beautiful one day

The words “you are so pretty” are the biggest lie for you, and you don’t realize the truthfulness of these four words because you keep looking for sarcasm behind them.
Thank God for braces!


5. Personality. Yes, that is the most important word for you

You have had your share of pretty faces performing ugly acts, and you don’t want to be one of them. Therefore, things like personality and inner self-matter more to you than what is on the outside.

Aint I a stud? On the inside I mean!


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