These 15 Unfortunate Names Make You Think Like, Really?

People say parents think the best of you and for you, after reading these names I don't agree with that. Do you?

unfortunate names

Having a normal name is a blessing which most of us do underestimate. Ever thought how brutal it might feel if someone mocked you over and over for your name? In such a situation people prefer to change their names but some people have guts keep up with the name given to them.

Here are some legendary unfortunate names that not only trigger our dirty minds but leave us wondering, ‘why’?

1. Jesus Condom, well well well…

jesus-condom-unfortunate names

2. Peter Cock. Seriously?

peter-cock-unfortunate names

3. Ben Dover. Too direct for a pickup line, no?

ben-dover-unfortunate names

4. Jack Goff. Ouch!

jack-goff-unfortunate names

5. Dick Pound. Well that escalated quickly

dick-pound-unfortunate names

6. Village Election or erections?


7. Wilaiporn Cox. “Porncocks” for short

unfortunate names

8. LaGina Austin. Okay


9. Chew Kok. Gross!


10. Cock. Some things are meant to go together


11. Long Wiwi


12. Major Dick Head. Oh, Dickie Head, sorry!

major-dick-head-unfortunate names

13. Donald Duck

  funny names

14. P.Ennis

 funny names

15. Filet Minyon

 funny names

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