7 Most Useless College Degrees In The World

We hope you have not done anyone of these degrees? These are the most useless college degrees in the world.

Useless College Degrees

Here is a list of seven useless college degrees in terms of unemployment rates. Pray that yours is not listed.

1. Criminal Justice And Fire Protection

source: criminaljusticemajors

*Unemployment rate: 5.5%

This is a double degree. Criminal justice graduates fall into any of the three categories: the court system, law enforcement or the correctional system. Graduates have a choice and can either prevent, prosecute and punish crimes, or become police officers or jail wardens. On the other hand, graduates of fire protection engineering learn and apply principles of science and engineering to protect lives and properties from fire. Graduates have the choice of working as a fireman or an insurance investigator.

2. Art History

Art History
Source: jawilsondesign

*Unemployment rate: 5.8%

The study of art history is basically learning critical methods to understand and enjoy art. Majors learn about different contexts a painting refers to which helps them better understand the artist’s view point. Graduates can work in art museums and art dealerships, and as art journalists.

3. Dance And Drama Education

Dance And Drama Education
Source: mirror.co.uk

*Unemployment rate: 8.3%

As the name suggests, this degree enables people to learn about two specific arts – dance and drama. Graduates can then become choreographers, theatre artists, actors and so on.

4. Philosophy And Religious Studies

Philosophy And Religious Studies
Source: www.andbethere.com

*Unemployment rate: 10.8%

This degree is basically a study of the general and fundamental problems of life, and the study of religious institutions and beliefs. One can study the similarities and differences between different ideologies and beliefs. There is a wide variety of positions available for graduates, such as teachers, clergymen, ministers, and a career in public relations.

5. Horticulture

Source: lighting.philips

*Unemployment rate: 13.5%

Graduates learn principles and practices of pest management, plant pathology, and ecology.  A graduate can go on to establish his or her career in garden designing, landscape designing, and plant breeding, to name a few.

6. Nutrition

Source: hcrossfithierarchy

*Unemployment rate: 14.3%

Nutrition majors examine the resources of food and its availability, and also study issues about obesity, food safety, quality of diet and food security. Graduates can opt for a career in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and others.

7. Physical Fitness And Recreation

Physical Fitness And Recreation

Source: ualberta.ca

*Unemployment rate: 15.8%

Graduates learn the art of managing parks and other recreational facilities. This degree encompasses the study of body fitness, and services that provide fitness and recreational activities to the public. Graduates can take up jobs such as fitness administrators and golf course managers.

*Unemployment rates are taken from studentsreview.com.

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