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Who’s Hotter? Young Justin Trudeau Or Young Joe Biden

The Internet has gone crazy ever since young Justin Trudeau and young Joe Biden's pictures surfaced.

Recently, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has gained a lot of traction after pictures of his visit to the White House surfaced online. Many people turned out to have huge crushes on Justin Trudeau for the way he looks, for how he talks and smiles. If all of that wasn’t enough already, now we have pictures...
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Allegro’s New Christmas Ad May Cause You To Shed Some Tears, Watch And See Why

Poland’s most popular auction site’s new Christmas ad is going viral like anything. Watch the video and you’ll know why

Christmas is right around the corner and its spirit can be felt all around the streets and even on people’s faces. Even on the TV, there are many ads that give you the Christmas feel. This one Polish ad has been going viral as it delivers a powerful message in an emotional way. It shows...
England's Royal Family In Ugly Christmas Sweaters View Full Post

England’s Royal Family In Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Sounds Weird? See For Youself

You may have seen many people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters each year but have you ever seen the Royal Family in such? We have.

When was the last time you saw the Royal Family of England wearing an ugly Christmas sweater? Don’t scratch your head so hard, you probably would never have as it is a highly uncommon sight. However, if you go through the picture shown below you can see that even your Highness herself couldn’t resist of...
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DerekDeso Takes His Pranks With His Girlfriend To A New Level With Anacondas

This girl was sleeping soundly when her boyfriend woke her up and dropped two giant anacondas right on top of her. Watch the video and...

For the health of any relationship, it is really important to keep the magic in between you two alive, and mostly people do this by cracking jokes, doing something special for their other, or do funny pranks. This vlogger went a bit far with this prank on his girlfriend. He not only pranked her but...
Apple Engineer on the Macbook Pro 2016 View Full Post

Watch How A “Apple Engineer” Talks About The Macbook Pro 2016

Macbook Pro not having any port seemed a controversial strategy to many but this Apple engineer explains the real story behind it.

This Apple engineer explains how the new Macbook Pro was decided, not designed but literally decided. He explains in hilarious ways why Tim Cook decided to take out the ports and have a Dongle for every connection necessary to the Macbook. This video will surely give you tons of laughs and if it really does...
olayinka mia noel View Full Post

Olayinka Is A Real Eye Catcher As She Looks Like The Real-Life Disney Princess Jasmine

This model Olayinka Mia Noel is the real-life version of Disney Princess Jasmine and the Internet is going nuts over her.

Many girls dream of becoming a Disney Princess someday even for a little while. Very few ever get the chance to become one and one example was seen in this Halloween when model Olayinka Mia Noel accomplished her dream and dressed up as Disney Princess Jasmine. When her pictures went viral over the Internet, people...
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Animated Wall By Büro Achter April

Büro Achter April is an office that one must visit and will be amazed for sure.

Büro Achter April is a Germany-based office that has been making new animations and interactive content since 2006. They are working to generate disorder type animations. They say, ‘By dismantling expectations, we hope to achieve a new path, a different perspective, or an unexpected breakthrough. This video demonstrates the type of disordered animations they are...
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Are These Avatar Babies Cute or Creepy? Everyone’s Nuts Over Em

Ever thought of looking at realistic Avatar babies doll? Well here's your chance to look and even buy one.

There are many people that are big fans of James Cameron’s Avatar but who knew we’ll be seeing realistic Avatar babies? Yes, there is a Spanish company called Babyclon’s that specializes in making realistic looking babies and this time they turned to Avatar babies. A video of the realistic Avatar dolls recently appeared on an...

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Yodel Delivery Driver Sends A Bunch Of Perv Messages To Single Mother

A mother-of-one has complained to delivery company Yodel after one of its drivers allegedly messaged her saying she was ‘turning him on’.

Mother’s furious after a ‘creepy’ Yodel delivery driver sends explicit messages when delivering her parcel – before blaming HER for showing her cleavage in her Whatsapp profile picture. Some people just don’t know when to quit and others don’t know what to say in which situation. The guy is a delivery person and still couldn’t be...

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