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Say It Like It Is: 20 Quotes By Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has gained a lot of traction lately and that's why we present the top 20 Jennifer Lawrence quotes.

Jennifer Lawrence is loved and adored by millions of people all over the world, not only for her beauty and talent for acting, but also for her “realness” and casual attitude, which makes her relatable and relevant. Image: Huffington Post As an ode to her greatness, simplicity, and courage to speak her mind, we have...
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Hollywood Offers Condolence On The Death Of Debbie Reynolds

The death of Carrie Fisher was shocking enough for the world but the death of her mother, Debbie Reynolds shook the world.

Hollywood star and legend Debbie Reynolds passed away at the age of 84 on Wednesday, which was merely one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher was pronounced dead. As the two legends of Hollywood left this world, Hollywood stars began to express their grief. Here’s what celebrities said. Carrie Ann Inaba #HEARTBROKEN @DebbieReynolds1 has passed...
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Olayinka Is A Real Eye Catcher As She Looks Like The Real-Life Disney Princess Jasmine

This model Olayinka Mia Noel is the real-life version of Disney Princess Jasmine and the Internet is going nuts over her.

Many girls dream of becoming a Disney Princess someday even for a little while. Very few ever get the chance to become one and one example was seen in this Halloween when model Olayinka Mia Noel accomplished her dream and dressed up as Disney Princess Jasmine. When her pictures went viral over the Internet, people...
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17 Most Hottest Melania Trump Photos on the Internet

It's always good to know about your First Lady, especially when she has such an amazing modeling career with nudes as well.

Donald Trump’s winning on the US Presidential Elections raises a few questions on how and why. But the most rhetorical of these controversies is the impact of his stunning wife, Melania Trump. She is a well-known model which you can see in the following Melania Trump pictures plus she has been in the news quite...
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A Woman Is Hidden In This Picture. Let’s See If You Can Spot Her As Most Can’t

Let's test your eyes, see if you can locate the woman in this picture.

At a sneak, this picture looks like just another autumnal scenery.  However, there is a secret hidden inside this picture. There is a naked woman in this picture who is covered in paint to blend with the environment, can you spot her?   This is the work of bodypaint artist Jörg Düsterwald who created this...

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Yodel Delivery Driver Sends A Bunch Of Perv Messages To Single Mother

A mother-of-one has complained to delivery company Yodel after one of its drivers allegedly messaged her saying she was ‘turning him on’.

Mother’s furious after a ‘creepy’ Yodel delivery driver sends explicit messages when delivering her parcel – before blaming HER for showing her cleavage in her Whatsapp profile picture. Some people just don’t know when to quit and others don’t know what to say in which situation. The guy is a delivery person and still couldn’t be...
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Woman Tries To Get Back in Her House After Locking Herself Out – But it Ends Painfully

Sometimes being heroic on your own does not end well. Men can feel the pain this woman has been through

After watching this video, you will always keep a spare key hidden somewhere just in case. This woman tries to get back into her house after locking herself out and to top it all, she lives on the first floor and her whole DIY plan does not end well. After reading this post, do not...

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