10 Countries That Grow The World’s Best Weed Strains

Here are the top 10 countries that have the best weed strains in the world.

best weed strains

Cannabis is becoming more mainstream day-by-day, and with the increased demand, many entrepreneurs and companies are fighting each other to introduce the best of the best. Due to this, there is a lot of new ganja coming out but the real question is the where the best weed strains are? Buzzfyre can help you with that as we collected the top 10 places where you can find the best week strains in the world.

1. Mexico

best weed strains

The word marijuana originated from Mexico and this information should be more than enough to convince you that they have some of the best weed strains out there. Some of these include Mexican Sativa, Kush, and Chronic.

2. Jamaica

best weed strains

Wherever you hear about Jamaica and weed, the first person to click is Bob Marley who was born and raised there. The weather there is perfect to grow weed and it offers three growing cycles that allow growers to grow a lot.

3. Netherlands

best weed strains

Amsterdam is known as the weed capital of the world and thousands of people each year visit it to just to smoke weed. It also houses the Cannabis Cup each year. Some of the best weed strains in the world are somewhat connected to Netherlands.

4. United States

weed strains

Weed is widely illegal in the USA but still one by one, each state has begun to legalize its uses. Currently, there are 29 states, including Washington DC that have either allowed a recreational or medical use of weed. There is no such kind of weed that can’t be found in the USA.

5. Afganistan

world best weed strains

Afghanistan has some of the oldest genes of weed plants in existence, in fact, many of the best lines genes originate from this part of the world. Some its best and top-notch weed include kush lines and hashish.

6. Australia

world best weed

Australia is really popular in terms of Cannabis but the group that uses most of the herb resides in the native areas. Moreover, its environment is one of the best to grow weed as its wide spaces allow easy to grow and very fewer chances of you bumping into your neighbor.

7. Kazakhstan

best weed

As per the law, weed is prohibited in Kazakhstan but that doesn’t stop the locals from growing their own when the sun goes down. It also has over 400,000 hectares of wild cannabis growing, which might possibly be the largest in the region.

8. Canada

world best weed strains

In 2014, Canada’s cannabis was famous globally. It was so famous that other countries contacted them to take some samples and thus grow their own. This included Uruguay as well.

9. Nigeria

world best weed strains

Currently, weed is illegal in Nigeria but despite that, they have some of the best weed strains in the world.

10. Colombia

best weed

Apart from Cocaine, Colombia also produces some of the finest weed available in the world. Weed seems to bring the country so much profit that it encourages other companies to come here and grow.


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