Dangerous Airports In The World View Full Post

5 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

These are the most dangerous airports in the world and why.

You must have heard about the safest airports in the world and the world’s most beautiful or busiest airports, but we present to you a list of five of the most dangerous airports in the world. Yes, there are actually airports in the world that will give you the thrills and the chills, along with...
weird jobs View Full Post

10 Unusual, Weird Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Think you have an unusual or weird job? Look at these and think again.

Here is a list of jobs you never knew about. Would you like to switch roles with them? 1. Weird Waterslide Tester urdesign.it Coming down slides is part of the job of waterslide testers who have to make sure that the slides are safe for people and that the height, landing, water quantity and speed...
Expensive Hotel Room View Full Post

The Most Expensive Hotel Room In The World

Ever wondered which is the most expensive hotel room in the world? You'll be amazed by the royal luxury you'll see in it.

Do you have some cash to spare and cannot figure out where to spend it? Are you a jet setter and love to travel in style? Are you running out of hotel room options? Well, this $65,000 a night hotel suite might just fit your style. No, it is not a joke and yes it...
Tallest Basketball Player View Full Post

The Tallest Basketball Player In The World

Basketball is a game considered for tall people but calling this guy just tall is an understatement. Here is the tallest basketball player.

At 7 foot 7.26 inches, Paul Sturgess is the tallest basketball player in the world. The rim stands less than three feet above his head and is within easy reach of his long arms. Here are ten things you should know about Sturgess: 1. He plays for Texas Legends in the NBA D-league. Source: sbnation.com...
most Expensive Cities View Full Post

5 Most Expensive Cities in the World

BuzzFyre presents the 5 most expensive cities in the world in 2017 and to help you compare we have given the price an everyday item.

If you are among the lucky few who need not bother to look at price tags, then you need to take out some time and visit these cities as they rank among the most expensive cities in the world. BuzzFyre has compiled a list of 5 most expensive cities in the world, in terms of...
most dangerous cities View Full Post

5 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Ever wondered which are the most dangerous cities in the world? BuzzFyre compiled a list of top 5 most dangerous ones.

It is hard to imagine, but just a few years ago the world used to be a quite a peaceful place for its inhabitants. All this changed when a new wave of terror hit the global sphere in the form of 9/11 and the world became somewhat unsafe for people, regardless of their age, color,...
England's Royal Family In Ugly Christmas Sweaters View Full Post

England’s Royal Family In Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Sounds Weird? See For Youself

You may have seen many people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters each year but have you ever seen the Royal Family in such? We have.

When was the last time you saw the Royal Family of England wearing an ugly Christmas sweater? Don’t scratch your head so hard, you probably would never have as it is a highly uncommon sight. However, if you go through the picture shown below you can see that even your Highness herself couldn’t resist of...
mandela effect View Full Post

21 Mandela Effect Examples To Get You Thinking

Ever came across something that you thought actually happened but it didn't? You could have faced the Mandela Effect. Here are a few examples of...

Mandela Effect is a new conspiracy theory that has taken the Internet by storm and has been messing around with everyone’s brain. Have you ever had a vivid dream about something that not just you but many people believe was true but it’s not true when you actually search about it? That is the Mandela...
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A Suicide-Bomber Was Recently Captured In Baghdad

The Iraqi Police recently captured a suicide-bomber who had IEM wrapped around his body.

Recently, a suicide bomber was captured in Baghdad. The Iraqi Police captured Hussain Ali, the suicide bomber from the Islamic State. Here is what happened and how he was captured. Meet Staff Sergeant Salam Al-Eqaili from the Iraqi Police, and Hussain Ali, a suicide-bomber from the Islamic State. The bomber was captured in a check-point...

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