Best Long-Distance Moving Companies for 2019

The 5 Best Long-Distance Moving Companies For 2019


For a long time, we have been planning to simplify your next move, and luckily, today we are here with the honest review of the best moving companies anywhere in the US. Stay on this page to find out both the pros and cons of our top five picked long-distance movers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for in-state or cross-country moves, you will find these options most relevant in both the situations. Except some of them don’t facilitate international moves.

Let’s start the tour now.

1. International Van Lines—The Best Ever Long Distance Mover Exist

International Van Lines or simply call IVL is an America’s local moving company as well as a standard broker that has attained a competitive edge in both types since it evolved in 2000.

According to our survey, IVL completes 10,000 moves every year—nearly 80% of those moves include long-distance trips. It is surely leaving us with no doubt that IVL is a moving industry leader in terms of its vast experience. There’s that one thing that can’ beat IVL ever. Which is it can move (almost) any bulky item like pianos, hot tubs, and boats, auto transport for cars and motorcycles, but these services do cost extra. Their prices are also competitive compared to other long-distance movers. For example, someone requested a quote for a 2,000-mile move for a two-bedroom home, and the total came was easily digestible i.e., $4,749.52.

2. Atlas Van Lines—Best in-State Movers

We recommend you hiring Atlas Van Lines when you want to have the best in-state or local moving experience. Out of other long-distance moving companies, Atlas is well-reputed for 70 years of service. It is the one that offers discounts to AAA members.

Furthermore, Atlas accepts moves of all sizes and distances. It does background checks on its employees before they take your space in charge, thereby ensuring the complete safety of its customers and their belongings.

3. United Van Lines—Best out-of-State Movers

Just as the description above suggests, United Van Lines offers a fully convenient out-of-state moving experience regardless of how far you’re going. Its biggest benefit over other long-distance companies is, it let you customize a moving package based on your budget requirements, making itself officially affordable for everyone. Another competitive edge it gives you is Full-value protection (FVP)- that covers the cost of replacing your premium household goods if they get lost or damaged during your move and that’s too free of charge.  With United, you also get an instant estimate online.

4. U-Pack—Best for Tight Budgets

Make your next move as cheap as possible with U-Pack. It’s is a moving container company, not a full-service mover- one of its predominant drawbacks but this saves you thousands of dollars.H

As U-Pack is a more labor-intensive moving company on this list, you initially order containers or trailers that you load yourself. The company then ships them to your new location, and you unload the belongings yourself when they arrive. On their website, they let you have free moving quotes, which is incredibly helpful for a rough estimate of how much you would be saving with this service. For moving a two-bedroom home 2,000 miles. U-Pack’s estimate was $3,127. Remember that this company does have loading and unloading crew, but these additional services might set you back a few hundred bucks and also they aren’t always available.

5. My King Moving and Delivery-All-In-One Moving Solution

Known for the finest moving company in Broward County, they offer the top-of-the-line long-distance moving experience from beginning to end. Their company’s extensive moving background in South Florida has gained them immense popularity for over a decade. It has something which other long-distance moving companies don’t intend to offer.  In order to make your next move, a stress-free haul, their team of experts go the extra mile to advise you on what needs to be packed and how. To make this point sound more valid, they arrange safe shipments in the form of broad-ranging services such as delivery services nationwide. Also, they have established a noticeable emblem in the junk removal service area- all of these services conclude them better as the comprehensive option for your overall moving needs. They will first pack your stuff, load them, carry them, unload them, and even dispose of the leftover debris that builds up as an eventual result of moving. You see with them, you hand over your entire burden and you only watch them do things with an unbelievable speed.

In addition, their services are usually based on flat-rate pricing, which means it is all-inclusive, no hidden fees, which mostly other moving companies don’t inform you when you hire them. Feel free to ask their pricing estimates online at their website and any of their services-related questions that come to your mind. Even though the above-listed companies are better over one another, thus these are your trustworthy options but choose the one that best suits your needs.

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