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4 Different Ways To Customize Hair Extensions


Long hairs are difficult to handle as you have to take a lot of care, like washing takes lots of time, as well as long hair, get damage quickly and no one likes damaged hairs. But contrarily short hairs are not the ultimate solution to this problem because some occasions and attires demand long beautiful hair. So confused! Hair extensions are a solution to this problem as you can take a cute short hair cut and can wear an extension where there’s a need for long hairs.

We all have different hair types and different hair color, so finding perfect customized hair extension is a little bit challenging, but if you follow some tips it would be easy for you to find it out: 

Here are some ways how to buy a perfect hair extension for you:

The Material of the Extensions

Firstly, select extension which is made up of natural non-synthetic human hair material or synthetic non-Remy material

Colors of extensions

 The select extension which matches your hair color tone. Otherwise, it will give a fake appearance.

3. Style

 Select that style and type of air extension that suits you, as if you select too odd that will make you look fake. The extension should be stylish also.

4. Cost

 Cost is a significant factor while buying anything so your hair extension should be cost-effective.

After you have bought your extension the other problem which comes is how to set them in your hairs or how to use it like you cannot always use it in only one way, so there are four different ways how to use hair extensions which will help you:

Setting them up

1. Set it With Clips:

setting customize hair extensions with the help of clips are an easy way to wear them daily You can set them using clips which should run horizontally with your hairs

2. Tape-in:

A second and more convenient way is to tap into your extensions by using double-sided tape. Either you can tape it from roots, or you can stick over one another

3. Bind it with Keratin:

If you wish to wear your extensions for a more extended period and need a natural appearance, then keratin bond is the best way to hold extension with your hair roots by keratin bonds. But make sure not to heat these bonds as they make a break and your hair may fall off. Moreover, you need to visit the salon regularly for proper washing and maintenance.

4. Braided it:

Another super-easy way to wear extension is to weave it with your original hairs. Those ‘women’s who have good volume hairs can use this method

5. By Using Loops:

This is the most fantastic technique of using loops which will hold your extensions firmly without using any adhesives. But remember you need some experts for this technique you can mess it.


These were four different ways of using hair extensions. Whatever method you select, make sure that your hairs and scalp have sufficient strength to hold them. And everything needs maintenance. So take care of your hairs first because natural things ‘can’t be replaced.

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