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How To Save Money With HP Instant Ink Subscription Program

Printer ink is expensive. Things You Should Know About HP Instant Ink Before Signing Up – Printer Guides and Tips.


Printer ink is expensive. HP promises to help with an ink subscription service, complete with cartridges that stop working when you cancel your subscription. But HP makes you count pages, and we prefer to print as much as we want.

HP Ink Subscription Service Sounds Like a Good Deal.

HP Instant Ink is easy to use and low-cost front. As long as your HP Internet-connected printer supports it, HP Instant Ink is easy to set up. You go to the signup website, sign up for an account, and connect your printer. After you complete your application, HP will send your ink cartridges. Billing begins when you install them on your printer. HP requires you to choose a plan that limits the pages you can print each month. It doesn’t matter what you print, just the pages you need for the job. A single word page and a color photo page are the same for the plan. If you don’t use all of your assigned pages in the month, the extra pages will be downloaded, and you can use them next month.

How much you pay depends on the number of pages you can print and scroll – about. HP offers a free 15-page plan per month but no rollover. If you exceed the limit, you pay for each set of 10 pages printed (that is, if you print five pages, you still pay 1 euro). The first paid level is per month for 50 pages to download over 100 pages from previous months. The next step is with 100 pages per month and 200 rollover pages. The top subscription is on 300 pages and 600 scroll pages.

Ink Stops Working If You Cancel

This is the kicker! If you cancel, your ink will stop working. You read that right. Once your billing cycle is complete, the printer will no longer accept ink, and you must return it to HP. At a minimum, they provide postage and packaging for this purpose.

HP does not explain the consequences in terms of service by not sending ink back. So we checked with a support agent. They told us that nothing happens if you don’t send them back, but the cartridges would stop working. You will need to buy more ink if you want to continue printing. HP ships specially marked ink as part of this process, and your printer recognizes that it is intended for HP Instant Ink subscribers only.

HP Instant ink requires an Internet connection to your printer. HP explains that it monitors your ink levels, so they know when to send more, but as described in its Terms of Service. The other reason for this is to disable the ink cartridges if you cancel remotely. These terms also grant HP permission to “alter, correct, update or modify software, firmware or programming remotely without notice” to provide the Instant Ink service. HP also says it will remotely monitor the page count and ink status of your printer, as well as “types of printed documents (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, etc.).”

Save Money If You Print Mostly in Color

HP has been dominating the printing market for years and does not want to get confused in a field that has always worked exceptionally well. A couple of years ago, the company launched a unique service: HP Instant Ink. It offers an “ink quota” that allows us to never run out of ink thanks to a convenient (and expensive?) Monthly subscription. Is this the future of ink printers?

From Mobile Data Quota to Ink Quota

The truth is that the model is striking. That is instead of waiting for our ink printer cartridges to run out and then replenish them, HP monitors the state of the cartridges and sends us new units. We will never run out of ink. HP solves the problem intelligently and at a cost that can be interesting for individual users and companies.

HP offers three monthly plans and allows you to print 50, 100, or 300 pages per month, respectively. The conception of these plans reminds us of a lot of the mobile data rates that offer us a certain amount of data to consume and then give us options to spend more if we need it at an additional cost. To take advantage of the service, we will need a printer compatible with the service, and as indicated by those responsible for the service. It does not matter if we print photos, color pages, or blank pages and black.

At HP they estimate that this service can lead to savings of up to 70% per year when using all the pages of the plan without purchasing additional packages of pages.

Ink is Still a Precious Liquid

HP’s monthly subscription model is ingenious, and according to the data, it reduces spending on one of the most expensive liquids worldwide.

What is HP Instant Ink?

It is an HP ink replacement service at home that is fully automated. It also integrates all the necessary elements to cover the needs of any professional printing environment ultimately. This definition allows us to correctly understand what this HP ink refill service is and how it works.

Lately, HP Instant Ink cartridges have been simplified. Previously, each cartridge came with its nozzle system, something that gave more autonomy to the printers but decreased the benefits of these companies. This ended up creating cartridges with a sensor to detect the level from ink. These cartridges also tend to be identical both for normal versions with standard capacity and for high-capacity XL versions: manufacturers simply refill these cartridges more and fight against the remanufactured cartridge industry.

HP Automated Ink Service

This is one of the most important values of all that HP Instant Ink offers. When we register, we associate an HP account and a printer, which will be responsible for controlling ink levels and ordering new cartridges before the ones we are using are exhausted. This means that we will not have to worry about managing the state of the ink cartridges of our HP printer. We will not have to go back to buy cartridges and that we will not have to worry about accumulating units to avoid running out of ink at the worst time. The printer will take care of everything related to HP ink cartridges, so we have to worry about our daily work.

HP Instant Ink Service at Home

Another of the values that define HP Instant Ink. As we said, the printer is responsible for managing ink levels and ordering new cartridges. Well, those cartridges are sent to your home, which means we won’t have to go anywhere to pick them up, they will go to our hands directly. When we sign up for this service we can enter, for example, the address of our SME, office or business and we will receive all the new HP Ink cartridge units requested by the printer. If we join this point and the previous one, we can draw an important conclusion, which is that HP Instant Ink offers unique comfort.

With HP Instant Ink- Print as You Want

With HP Instant Ink, you not only enjoy the advantages offered by HP original ink cartridges, but you can also print freely. This is very important, as it translates into primary keys:

  • You can choose any of the available plans and change from one to another at any time, without any commitment or penalty.
  • It doesn’t matter how you print, but the number of pages you consume.
  • It doesn’t matter if you print in color and spend a lot of ink cartridges or if you print in black and consume little ink. The only thing that takes into account HP Instant Ink are the pages you print.
  • If you spend more than one month of the maximum contracted, you can expand with packs of additional pages at an affordable price.

Is HP Instant Ink worth it? Get Savings of up to 70%

HP Instant Ink offers total comfort and also allows you to reduce printing costs by up to 70%. This is a direct value. That is that each plan not only offers a meager cost per page but also eliminates the weight of ink consumption in your monthly expense. No matter what ink you consume, your costs will be limited to the number of pages you print. This can represent a considerable saving that is up to a whopping 70%, especially for those SMEs and professionals who print daily, in color, and using high quality.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your SME

Last but not least, by subscribing to HP Instant Ink you will have the HP Planet Partners recycling program. It is a free service that will allow you to recycle all spent cartridges conveniently and effortlessly. Recycling cartridges allows you to close the consumption cycle ecologically. This shapes a sustainable printing environment, which translates, into a reduction in the carbon footprint of your SME, business, or office. Having the assurance that you print as you print will only pay a small fee per month is a unique value that you should not miss.

TIP: Remember that to enjoy this service, you need a compatible printer. You can check the complete list of HP ink printers.

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