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Mandela Effect Examples


Ever came across something that you thought actually happened but it didn’t? You could have faced the Mandela Effect. Here are a few examples of it.

Mandela Effect is a new conspiracy theory that has taken the Internet by storm and has been messing around with everyone’s brain. Have you ever had a vivid dream about something that not just you but many people believe was true but it’s not true when you actually search about it? That is the Mandela Effect.

The theory circulating on your laptops and tablets nowadays is that maybe there is a parallel universe where things happen differently and makes us perceive it in a different way but actually something else happened. Or some believe that time travelers may have gone to the past and have messed up our present. The name Mandela Effect was given by Fiona Bloome, as in 2013 human activist Nelson Mandela died. However, many people believe that he died in the ’80s when he was in prison, and this memory is common among thousands of people that have no link with each other. There are even old textbooks that stated that Nelson Mandela died in prison that were found.

Seems weird right but once you go through the examples below, you’ll see that things aren’t actually how you perceive them to be. Here are the Best Mandela Effect examples to convince you that this theory is real.

1. The Berenstein Bears

Many people remember this kid’s show from their childhood and everyone remembers the spelling to be ‘Berenstein’ but what if I told you that this spelling is wrong? Yes, if you take out any old VHS then you will notice that its spelling is actually ‘Berenstain Bears.’ Experts say that you won’t come across anyone who remembers this particular spelling of the show and this is one of the most popular examples of the Mandela Effect.

2. The Flintstones

Who doesn’t remember this particular show? Everyone has seen them but do you remember the spelling of the show? We all know that the ‘t’ is silent but it was spelling ‘Flintstones,’ right? However, if you Google the last week’s episode then you will see that it was actually ‘Flinstones.’ Yes, you can even research on this one and you’ll see that there are many such cases out there that have noticed this difference and it confirms the Mandela Effect as well.

3. Oscar Meyer

“My bologna has a first name. It’s O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name it’s M-E-Y-E-R.” I believe everyone can recall this particular commercial song from our childhood. The commercial even spelled out the first and last name of the company as well. However, if you see the name on its products, you’ll see that it’s actually ‘Oscar Mayer.’ Strange right? I know.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We all have seen this and even our kids have seen this recently. Everyone remembers that the famous line from this show was ‘Mirror mirror on the wall.’ There was even a movie that released in 2012 that was called ‘Mirror Mirror.’ Sounds normal right? Nopes. The actual line is ‘Magic Mirror on the Wall.’ Hard to believe right? Go back and watch it again, and you’ll see.

5. Sex In the City

This show revolves around a woman and her friends that live in NYC and is known by many original fans as ‘Sex in the City.’ However, if you go back and watch it now, it is called ‘Sex and the City.’ There is no record available that states that its name ever was ‘Sex in the City.’

6. Forrest Gump

Anyone who has seen Forrest Gump remember Forrest saying, ‘My momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates.’ Wrong, if you go and watch it again then the line says ‘Life was like a box of chocolates.’ This doesn’t even sound right but this is the truth. Even when you Google it, the next suggested word given is ‘is’ and not ‘was.’

7. Interview with a Vampire

This is a pretty famous 90s anime movie that casts Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and many people remember it being called ‘Interview with a Vampire.’ If type the name in Google then you will see that the name ends with ‘a vampire.’ However, the actual name of the movie is ‘Interview with the Vampire.’

8. Looney Toons

Who doesn’t remember these cartoons from childhood, right? And we always called them ‘Looney Toons,’ which makes sense too as the name cartoons end with ‘Toons.’ However, the real name of the show is ‘Looney Tunes.’

9. Febreeze

This is a popular household air freshener, which is called ‘Febreeze’ and is seen by many people every day. However, the real spelling of the freshener is ‘Febreze,’ since when was it spelled without an ‘e’?

10. Star Wars famous line: “Luke, I am your father.”

This has always been a really famous line from the Star Wars franchise, which is ‘Luke, I am your father.’ This line has been seen on many merchandise such as hats, shirts, phone cases, etc. However, after the recent re-popularization of the series, many people went back to watch the previous parts as well. The line is not what we have been thinking it was, it’s actually ‘No, I am your father.’ Don’t believe us, watch the movie again and you’ll be amazed yourself too.

11. Sketchers

Many people are familiar with this famous sneaker brand. I don’t know about you guys but I always remembered the spelling of the company to be ‘Sketchers’ and not ‘Skechers,’ which is the actual name.

12. Queen’s song, ‘We are the Champions’

This is a famous track by Queens and everyone remembers that the final lyrics of the song ended as ‘No time for losers, ‘cause we are the champions… of the world.’ Guess what, there is no ‘of the world’ part in the song and this has been causing people to go nuts as they recall it to be there.

13. Pokemon’s Pikachu

Many people recall that there used to be a black mark on the Pikachu’s tail tip, which is not there if you look at it now. The question is, why so many people recall this happening globally but that character never seemed to exist.

14. Curious George is going to make you more curious

The main character in Curious George doesn’t have a tail, seems weird right? But this is the truth and many people even say that they remember him hanging from the tree and swinging as well but if you go and look at it now, there is no tail.

15. Kit Kat

Many people remember that there used to be a dash between Kit-Kat as everyone has had it at least once in their lifetime. However, there never was a dash, it’s always been simply ‘Kit Kat.’

16. Silence of the Lambs

If you have seen this famous movie then you must remember that when Clarice meets Hannibal Lecter for the first time, he says ‘Hello, Clarice.’ Right? But this line doesn’t even exist in the movie. Hannibal actually says, ‘Good Morning.’

17. When you think about the Monopoly man, You Presume Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monocle, but he doesn’t.

Perhaps they’re just confusing him with Mr. Peanut, the Planters peanut mascot, who also wears a top hat and carries around a cane, but there are a number of people who can’t seem to grasp how the Monopoly man is monocle-less when they’ve truly remember him to have one throughout their childhood.

18. All that glitter is not gold can be applied to C-3PO.

Many Star Wars fanatics recall C-3PO being completely gold and were completely shocked upon discovering that he always had a silver leg. A lot of memorabilia doesn’t even feature the silver leg. Despite that, it was a surprise to fans who have seen the films so many times, yet never noticed the distinct feature on such a popular character.

19. People believe that the Mona Lisa is smiling now, but she used to be emotionless.

A lot of art enthusiasts insist that the Mona Lisa has changed because they remember her having a straight face, but now they feel it seems as if she’s got a smirk of some sort.

20. Jiffy Peanut Butter doesn’t exist, yea we know how strange that sounds.

It’s called Jif, even though people remember the popular brand of peanut butter being called “Jiffy” and having a campaign that told mothers they could fix their kids a snack “in a jiffy.” Jiffy has certainly been embedded in the minds of many. But the harsh reality is that its called “Jif.”

21. Mister Rogers’ theme song’s opening line is different than most people recall.

During the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood intro, he’d sing a little phrase that many people remember, to begin with the line, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” That’s not what it was, though — instead, he clearly states, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,” which just doesn’t sound right to those who feel like they know the correct wording without a shadow of a doubt.


What do you think of the above madela effect examples? Do you happen to ever face this effect? Do you find this theory relevant? Let us know in the comments below. Visit buzzfire for more info similar to this.

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