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Meet The Bee: An Electric Bike That Transforms From a Briefcase to an Electric Bicycle

The BEE is a revolutionary new Ebike / scooter that transforms from a briefcase with wheels into an electric Bicycle.


BEE is an innovator learner/scooter who turns a wheel into a bike. Lightweight and powered by a lithium battery, this electric bike can travel a distance of 13 kilometers with a charge. The battery is the most important part of the bike, because (if you do not pedal) it includes all the forces you can run. A typical electric bike battery has a power of about 350-500 W (about 35-50 volts and 10 MPs.

E-bikes are classified according to the power and control system that their electric motors can provide, that is, when and how the power of the electric motor is applied. In addition, the classification of e-bikes is complicated because many definitions are due to the legal reasons for the composition of the bicycle and the reasons for the formation of a moped or a motorcycle.

Despite these legal complexities, the classification of e-bikes depends mainly on whether the motor of the e-bike uses a pedaling assistance system or an on-demand power supply to assist the rider. These are defined as follows:

  • Using the pedal, the electric motor can be adjusted by stepping on it. Pedal assist increases the cyclist’s strength when pedaling. These electric bicycles – called smart electric cars – have a sensor to detect pedaling speed, pedaling force, or both
  • The engine is started by the accelerator according to the needs of the power supply, usually mounted on the handlebar, just like most motorcycles or scooters.

Therefore, it is widely said that e-bikes can be classified as follows:

  • Electric pedal-assisted electric bicycles only: intelligent electric vehicles (legally classified as bicycles) or S-Pedicels (usually legally classified as mopeds)
  • Electric smart vehicles: only with pedal assistance, the engine provides only a suitable but not excessive speed 25 km / h, engine power up to 250 watts, generally legally classified as a bicycle
  • S-Pedicels: Only the pedal assist, the engine power can be greater than 250 watts, can reach a higher speed, 45 km / h before the engine stops, legally classified as a moped or motorcycle.
  •  Electric bike with assistance on demand and pedal on demand
  • On-demand electric bicycles only: There are usually more powerful engines than e-bikes, but this is not always the case: the more powerful engines are legally classified as mopeds or motorcycles.
  • The harder the pedal, the stronger the boost, the faster you ride. E-bikes allow you to sing on quick clips, but they are not motorcycles.

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