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The Best Web Design Trends in 2022 to Watch Out For!


Websites for businesses in the current day and age play an important role in creating brand awareness and intuitively showcasing your products and services, grasping attention, and improving engagement. However, the overall design element can greatly imbue websites with interactive features and increase dwell time.

This is why many establishments often seek the services of a web design agency to stand out from the crowd. As technologies continue to improve at a rapid pace, so do the design trends evolve in parallel, transforming accordingly to facilitate new and developing user behaviors while adapting to them as well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most striking web design trends this year:

App-Like Experiences

A front-end-driven website these days can quickly gain traction from users as many of us digital aficionados want an enjoyable stimulation to keep us hooked on to our screens. Since most of the world is already familiar with the use of smartphones and smartphone applications, introducing them or their features to a website should result in a positive response.

Gamification Aspects

Playing on the fact that people love games and the gaming industry itself has blown out of proportion in recent times, there is no doubt that you can find gamers from all walks of life around the globe. To make things interesting, websites can be built to host their own scavenger hunts, easter eggs, or puzzles involving password-protected pages or asking visitors to find clues to unlock the next page in the series.

Hero Images

A hero image is a website design term used to describe a large banner image at the top of a website. It is also sometimes called a ‘hero header’. It serves as a user’s first glimpse of your company and offering because of its prominent placement towards the top of a webpage that usually extends the entire width of the screen. Hero images are good because they give a significant visual impact right off the bat, putting more focus on the style and the content.

Unusual Typography

The typeface, font, style, size, colors, and everything that has to do with typography is clearly making heads turn as they become more of a graphic element than simply part of the copy. Think like graffiti artists who take typography to the next level. Versatile techniques can be used together or by themselves to create captivating effects. Plus, you can choose to work with both minimalistic and maximalist approaches.

3-D Elements

How can we not talk about 3D viewing experiences when web 3.0 is just around the corner? Websites can make this more intriguing by creating a parallax scrolling feature where 3D elements respond to the scrolling actions of users, and the graphics react to user actions on the screen. Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have used this for quite some time to showcase their latest products and features.

Layered Effects

Suppose 3D is not your area of expertise. In that case, there is still a lot you can do to establish connectivity between design elements and create a depth effect using layered effects that can overlap each other. Not only can they be obvious and direct, but they are also a little more understated as you can work together with plenty of options.

Final Word

I hope this post could offer some valuable insights as to how new web design trends will impact users this year. Bear in mind that a well-designed website can help you perform well and leave a lasting impression on your users, which inadvertently advances your reputation in the market. Using the correct design elements can aid you in nurturing leads, acquiring better conversion ratios, and boosting sales. Always aim for a terrific user experience and responsive designs that are mobile friendly as well as provide effortless usability for visitors.  

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