What are the top locations for destination weddings in India?


A wedding is something that contains the best memories of a couple. So, the day deserves to be kept inside a preserving memory bag. That is why the day needs to be celebrated with all the goodness that one can afford for their big day. So, the couple might get into a dilemma over what is best for their wedding day?

For this utmost confusion, we have got a lot of solutions because other than a couple, no one decides what is best for their nuptial matters. But, one problem can be sorted out with easy hands. The problem is deciding the best location for the celebration. There are a lot of options preceding this one choice, but only for those who want to opt for the option of having destination wedding venues.

  1. Goa

A wedding across the beautiful seashore has a different feel in it. Goa being the party capital of India has the best sense of love and celebration. The city covers are surrounded by a beautiful coastal line on one side that is appropriate for people who want to have a beach wedding.

The place has the beautiful essence of celebration and love that is appropriate for an event that is meant for the union of two souls. So, those who are in demand of wedding venues for their destination wedding. They can totally celebrate over the top with a lot more fun and enjoyment; as Goa is the place meant for the occasion.

  1. Udaipur and Jaipur

Rajasthan has been the location for destination weddings ever since Bollywood gave us movies like Yeh Jawani Hei dewani. The entire state is covered with forts and historical monuments. So, being such a wonderful spot for a vacation, the place has a wonderful arena for wedding venues. The monuments and resorts that are shaped and made in the shape of forts avail a great variety of options for couples.

Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, and Udaipur are the ones that are famous for destination weddings in Rajasthan. The place has a wonderful wedding arena for photos as it gives a great option for the royal portfolio.

  1. Shimla

The winter destination of India. Shimla is the prettiest location for any couple. Being the honeymoon capital, this place is appropriate for the couple’s big day. As it gives a great arena for an event that shoves love between two souls. The sweet winter soul and the love of two individuals, showcase the wonderful gift of the best destination wedding venues.

  1. Khajuraho

This is famous for the best archival works of the Khajuraho temple of Madhya Pradesh. The temple showcases the best artwork of medieval India. The place is appropriate for wedding venues, and for establishing pictures of two couples. The place is appropriate for a person who wants to get a historical essence to their wedding day and celebrate it with the utmost loyalty.

  1. Kerala

The southern beauty of India, it has wonderful greenery of the tropical forests with a scent of the backwaters which is the pride of Kerala. The appropriate location for destination weddings in southern India, it has a wonderful landscape for wedding venues.

It is best for the ones, who want to get their wedding into nature and have pictures that enhance their love with the wonders of the beautiful earth. Therefore, Kerala can be appropriate for a couple who want nature to be the hero of their wedding.

  1. Havelock Island, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands

What is better than the beautiful union territories in the southernmost point of India? These island groups are a wonderful tourist location that invites visitors across the globe. The Bahamas of India, Havelock Island share the tribute with the love and beauty of the Indian Ocean. This place shares a beautiful landscape and provides surplus opportunities to get wonderful wedding venues.

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