13 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

13 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


When we are in charge of a new kitchen project, we always like to review a series of aspects and advise so that the result is spectacular. Sometimes, we can see how surprised an instruction can be since every individual has an entirely different idea of what it means to renovate the kitchen. Numerous programs on kitchen remodeling services offer us a much-skewed view of reality. We see everything so fast and easy that we think it’s as simple as taking out old furniture and appliances and giving it a coat of paint. In this article, we give you 13 tips that will help you to renew the kitchen, and that will ensure success.

Do not prepare the space relevantly

Before we take the hammer, it is necessary to have a plan that fits the area that is there. Take some time to choose a suitable company for kitchen renovation services, for the painter to keep an eye on you, get advice on the plumbing involved. So you will know accurately the budget you will invest in labor to adapt the space to the needs of your new kitchen.

Not being realistic with the scope of the project

The first thing you should ask yourself is: what is the real extent of this project based on the money I want to spend? Doing yourself, or the person who will direct your reform, the right questions before you start can help you accurately plan the features and elements of your new kitchen and have realistic expectations. Some examples of items you can ask yourself:

•    Can I afford to remove all the cabinets, or should I keep some?

•    Can I afford to completely change the distribution of the countertops, which requires the plumber to reinstall the faucet and the sink?

When you decide to renovate the kitchen, the investment is significant enough not to do things by halves. Keeping part of the furniture or the place of the faucet for an economic issue is to make “fixes,” and we do not advise this type of intervention. Make a global intervention where the concept of space is the most important. Generally, this implies a redistribution of the old space to maximize it according to your needs.

What does it mean to open a kitchen and integrate it into space?

“What is the most important thing for me, and therefore, where will I allocate a large part of my budget?” It is essential to take this into account when distributing the budget in the different items. It is essential to keep this clear at the cost level, for details such as the continuity of the floor, ceilings, global aesthetic image of the furniture of both spaces and visual as well as the physical union. This is a significant cost that can make you assess whether to open space or not and it is imperative to analyze its economic scope.

Do not opt for the timeless

If you ask me about the kitchen trends for 2019, we will tell you that the best thing is always to invest in the eternal, with some decorative elements or materials in direction. Your new kitchen should not be the place to start experimenting with patterns, it should be a mix of finishes with a bright and clean overall design. Your personality can shine with accessories such as lamps, kitchen accessories, textiles, your coffee cups or the dishes you buy.

Timeless, neutral, implies a clean and sober aesthetic. A more rational aesthetic, trying to avoid fashions. Opt for a soberer global image that provides a greater aesthetic temporality. We recommend choosing natural finishes such as woods, stones, steels, etc. It ages naturally, decently in time, reaching high quality. You want your kitchen to last at least ten years, and you expect that during that time you will continue to love it as much as the first day.

 Skimming in household appliances

When it comes to prioritizing specific characteristics, tools are one of the most critical areas, and you should not skimp on them. They are not something to reduce costs, because if your appliances are not quality and with specific attributes, you will not be able to cook well, you will not be able to drink a delicious coffee every morning.

Work with comfort

When designing the distribution of the kitchen, put support in the spotlight and create a functional working triangle that facilitates movements between the three areas of use: preparation, cooking, and storage.

Adjust to the budget

 In the heat of the reform, exceeding the figure assigned to it is somewhat more usual than desirable. Avoid it by requesting two or three budgets broken down by items of materials and labor with their similar qualities and prices in writing.

Just in time

 The fundamental reform of the kitchen requires between 10 and 15 working days. To avoid delays, hire a reputable kitchen remodeling services company with references and make sure that all materials and equipment are available before work begins.

Invest in tranquility

Renewing the facilities can be 20% of the kitchen reform budget, but having to repair the damage produced by old ones will undoubtedly be much more expensive and annoying, since you may not have the same ceramic tiles to replace them or have to disassemble sink, countertop, furniture and more. Take advantage of the works to ensure many years of cooking without problems.

Let there be light!

 Do not wait until you have everything set up to think about the best lighting for your kitchen. Power outlets and light points should be planned before the masons enter, as all connections must be hidden under the false ceiling and wall coverings.

Invest in accessories

 Reserve a part of the budget for furniture to good interior equipment. Those closets that we liked so much when buying them can become our particular nightmare if we are unable to find anything in them the first time. It is worth choosing a more economical model and investing the difference in shelves and removable trays, drawers of total extraction and accessories to take advantage of the corners.

Storage with beam

Placing cabinets to the ceiling is the best way to get the most out of the wall, although it is not advisable in kitchens with a small floor plan. In any case, make sure that everyday things are at a comfortable height and reserve the upper floors to items that you use sporadically.

Good quality materials

Paint and wallpaper are fashionable in kitchens but are not advisable in areas subject to splashes and stains. It is the case of the front of the countertop, the water zone, and the fire zone, which require unalterable materials against stains and easy cleaning, such as ceramics, stainless steel, glass or stone (natural or synthetic).


Start by drawing a scale plan of the kitchen to see on paper the most comfortable and functional distribution, and request two or three budgets from kitchen renovation services companies and references. Insists that all of them contemplate the same items (masonry, plumbing, electricity, furniture, countertop, faucets, appliances …), with the materials and qualities equivalent and clearly defined, not only to be able to compare them but also to be able to claim in case that does not correspond to what you install. Do not forget to ask that they even break down the cost of labor, to decide with all the necessary information.

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