4 Best File storage apps for Smart phones


The great file storage apps authorize the user to reserve data that can be easily back up and share also. In recent working atmosphere benefits of storage, files are strongly clear. File storage apps not only provide high-end security but also facilitate the feature of remote working and collaboration. Approximately, every file storage apps offer the same feature so when it comes to choosing one user must be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Some are free and some premium versions are paid so choosing wisely at the start would be more beneficial especially in the case of a twisting atmosphere of business. Let’s explore some features of these file storage apps.

  • Mega:

This is the best file storage app with 50 GB for the sack of signing up. Mega is completely free but later on charges €4.99-€29.99 per month and $6-$36 monthly. In the charge of fill the storage application, MEGA offers various features. It is a super easy app to use and one could easily organize files as a necessity. The only caution is the rewarded storage is not permanent. Overall MEGA is a strong option. 50 GB is quite enough for an individual.

  • Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft OneDrive is a famous file storage app because it directly integrates with a Window products variation. In the beginning, one can easily get 5 GB free for files storage and can upgrade for 50 GB for $1.99 each month. Office 365 subscription is also included in Onedrive storage for personal and business use. Users can avail of a bundle package of this file storage app space and Microsoft Office 365 for $6.99 each month (every device, ITB) or monthly $9.99 (6TB, 5 devices). That offers the user online file storage for an extraordinary appropriate price. This file storage app also offers an optional $1.99 monthly and OneDrive discrete with 100GB.

  • Nextcloud:

This file storage app is incompatible and performs like Resilio sync. Users can make a personal Nextcloud server on a personal computer. This file storage app will synchronize files between smartphones and computers. This app also operates exactly as other file storage apps do, but you can control where the files move and what happened after moving over there. This is a superb resource for the users, who like the plan of reservation of files and do not want to like their files on the server of other companies. Nextcloud provides as much storage as a computer can store. For personal use, it is completely free but has some enterprises options for business as well.

  • Resilio Sync:

Resilio Sync permits you to use laptops, desktops, NAS, tablets, or even your personal built server as the final destination of mobile syncing. This is one of the best options for file storage for everyone who likes to do their personal cloud storage. It executes exactly like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, other than the user is using their own machine to reserve everything. This application is super for those who are security conscious but still required storage also.

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