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What Is The Best Wireless Camera Surveillance System?


Being able to leave home, go to work or even take a trip is something that anyone can do, but there are significant risks that the house is left unaccompanied and therefore, may be invaded by thieves, while you are away for a day or a weekend. If you want to have everything controlled and know what is happening in your home, we specify the best commercial & home security wireless cameras in the market.

1.    Yi Dome1080p HD Camera

YI 1080p Dome Camera

•    The first comes from a world-known brand Xiaomi with its range of Yi surveillance cameras.

•    It is a camera that can make recordings in 360 degrees in a resolution of 1080p HD, having a very advanced angulation, so you can see what happens from any angle.

•    You will be able to know what happens as much by day as by night thanks to its nocturnal vision, having many gradations that will make the image look perfect.

•    You can also record sound, having an anti-noise system that makes what you want to hear clearer.

•    By installing the application on your mobile, you can receive alerts if the infrared of the camera records any movement, to know if someone is around your house or around.

•    This range assures perfect characteristics at a very economical price, ideal for all budgets.

2.    Blink XT Home Security Camera System.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

•    With surprising ease, you will be able to install and mount this wireless camera for your garden or plot, getting to observe any unwanted movements that may occur both during the day and at night, warning you immediately if something has moved.

•    You can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or through a 3G or 4G data connection network to be able to do what is happening outside.

•    You have to download the application that will tell you inside the instructions and configure them step by step to that you can see and record everything you want.

•     Not only will you be able to connect it to a mobile device, but you can also see it from your laptop or PC by following the instructions.

•    The images come out bright thanks to different filters, being able to see the faces and it could be located in a zone without roof that will give the same thing even if it rains or not, since it is waterproof.

3.    Kit Of 4 Security Surveillance Cameras

•    It is a kit of 4 cameras when and where a single camera does not convince you, and you need more than one for your house to be protected in every way.

•    The first thing you will notice is that the recording is visible.

•    It can record in different modes so that you can choose the one that best suits what you want.

•    It makes a backup through USB to save a copy and that nothing is lost.

•    You can make it to the only record when the camera notices a movement revising the videos much faster, especially if you want to see if someone enters or leaves your territory.

•    This exclusive kit of four for an economical price is available to everyone and with outstanding features.

4. Uniview Ultra 265 Camera

Uniview Ultra 265 Camera

•    Ultra 265 commercial security camera from Uniview developed a deep compression technology that can save up to 75% cost.

•    It has several intelligent functions in the H265 IP camera series, which include face detection, intrusion, line crossing, and people counting, blur detection and scene change detection, etc.

•    The U-code is an improved coding technology based on H.264 / H.265.

•     The U-code can reduce up to 80% -95% of storage space.

•    The WDR function can guarantee a clear image with rich details when faced with a sharp contrast of light, which avoids dark or overexposed images and ensures a high image quality.

•    The Starlight camera from Uniview provides a bright color image even in low light conditions of up to 0.0005 Lux (F1.2).

•    IP67 indicates that the product is dustproof and continues to operate at less than 1 meter of water for 1 hour. Uniview cameras are waterproof.

•    Uniview presents the optical demisting technology, which applies IR for images. All the details lost in foggy weather can be recognized correctly.

•    To balance the performance to protection and the edge storage requirement, Uniview uses eMMC on IP cameras.

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