5 Best RV Air Conditioner & RV Refrigerator in 2019

5 Best RV Air Conditioner & RV Refrigerator in 2019


Don’t worry for next summer holidays, have a look at best portable AC splits or window that can actually make your hottest days in the United States better with a healthy air cooling it allows within the compact vans. These are the quietest RV air conditioners which come in various versions to fit vehicles of any size

Luckily, you have this amazing review guide which contains all the important information regarding the five Best RV Air Conditioner in 2019. Take these review pretty serious and get one of these portable AC units installed soon in your RV.

1. Dometic Polar White B59516.XX1C0 Brisk Air Ii AC Unit

The first to review is the Dometic Brisk Air li Upper Unit which is the manufactured piece of the seller who has been in the RV accessories business since long. It won’t be a mistake if you see this make name every time you want to buy a new one or replace your old RV air conditioner. Additionally, this model has an array of advantageous features that you’ll just love. With this standard model, you have a right to choose whether you want the amount of BTU in 13,500 or a little bit more power with 15,000 option. Based on our research, RVers more opt for the 15,000 BTU option as they want to visit the top tourist destinations within the USA such as Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. Dometic is totally a versatile cooling product that can work in both ducted and non-ducted system. Likewise, it comes with a 2-year warranty plan that has sturdy base pan and rigid shroud to enhance its durability.

It’s your best affordable and high-quality worthy option.

2. Airxcel 48204C866 08-0080 Mach 15 A/C

Many outstanding specs are famous about the Airxcel Mach 15. It’s a ducted system RV air conditioner which everyone dotes on a little bit more. It has a BTU rating of 15,000 that perfectly cools a large area with its significant CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of airflow at 320 CFM. This means this unit spreads the air faster than any other RV air conditioners line up for reviews here. It is known as the unique addition to Best RV Air Conditioners in 2019, and its price is extremely reasonable. In contrast to its electric heat extensive capabilities. There’s no reason you can say “No” to this product except the noise issue it creates when it’s on.

Furthermore, it’s easy to install.

3. Dometic 640315C Penguin II 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

On this heading, you’ll scroll up and re-check whether you’re mistakenly rereading the second one. However, the third one is also Dometic, and we can’t resist mentioning it one more time. The Dometic Penguin II 410 Amp Low Profile RV Rooftop Air Conditioner has become another famous reason to increase the reputation of the company. Before you why let us tell you honestly what makes this unit a top-notch. It is explicitly designed to extend its long-lasting ability and has a high capacity of 15,000 BTU. Other than this you can purchase it in so many color and size options that suit you RV capacity. People usually buy this product in black, and that’s their pick. You make yours with this remarkable company.

One big issue with this product is the only issue that can discard your made up mind; it’s price; it is emphatically expensive.

4. Atwood 15026 Non-Ducted A/C Unit

Welcome the first non-ducted AC unit. The Atwood 15026 is the common choice of every RV owner as it has 15,000 BTUs, but it also has dual fan motors, which makes it one of the quietest RV air conditioners on the market. Therefore this AC will never frustrate you with its noise.

Cherry on the top, this RV air conditioner comes with a heat pump that can easily make your family survive freezing winter nights in your RV. Having another incredible feature, so it’s leading in the area of convenience as well. Easy installation is not a big deal with Atwood because it comes with a remote that gives you the complete access of the air conditioner, making this product a highly convenient one.

These are the reviews everywhere to be found for Atwood RV air conditioner.

5. Airxcel 48203C966 08-0079 Mach 3 A/C

The last product to review is the Airxcel Mach 3 Plus which has many similar qualities as the previous one we mentioned. Some of its exceptional features include the copper-tubing from which it’s made and gas-flux brazed joints which increase its life for many years. This model can create up 320 CFM of airflow, just like the previous Airxcel product, and because of this main feature, people have a stronger relationship with this one from all other non-Airxcel competition.

On the same page of features, this AC unit has immense heating capabilities and is one of the cheapest from all the options reviewed. You’re now done with the best market survey. We know you would like to thank us much for making half of your job easy. Hence, enjoy these free reviews for Best RV Air Conditioner and if you feel like revamping your portable fridge then visit our Best RV Refrigerator in 2019 reviews to make another particular buy.

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