How to call UK from USA

How to Call UK From USA


It is a simple task to call UK from USA someone from the United States that you can perform from any phone. Like the American phone number, the UK number follows a specific form: +44 0000 000 000. They start with the number 44, the UK country code. Follow the country’s code and use two to four digit city or mobile carrier codes. This code provides geographic information with U.S. Regional Code. The last six digits are the specific phone numbers. All the required numbers should be included in the phone number.

Steps to call UK from USA through landline

  1. First of all, call the United Kingdom from the United States, enter number 011. This indicates the exit that you are calling out of the United States. Or, if you use a mobile phone, you may need to change 011 with a “+” button. Some phones you need to use this single button.
  2. Second, enter the UK’s country code: 44. Entering a country code will allow you to access the UK-based phone number.
  3. The third step in calling the UK from the United States is that you dial the regional code related to the area you are trying to contact. Please note that there are only two regional codes in the UK, or up to five. If you see 0 at the beginning of the area code, please do not dial the number. Just enter the next number.
  4. After entering a regional code, you can enter the remaining phone numbers. Full phone number has 10 digits, including area code.

Steps to Call UK Cellphones from the US.

Calling a mobile phone in the UK is as simple as making a landline call. The only difference is that you should enter the UK mobile code instead of area code.

There are step-by-step instructions to call your phone in the UK:

1. Enter exit code 011 (if you are using a mobile phone, “+” enter key)

2. After calling the exit code, enter 44.

3. Enter number 7, rather than dial the specific area code. This is the UK mobile code.

4. Enter the remaining number. For mobile phones, it should be 9 digits.

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