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Why Do People Favor Buying Adidas Shoes Over Other Brands?


The second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike and the largest in Europe, Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation founded 97 years ago back in July 1924. Over the years the company has garnished tremendous efforts to create a customer experience that is connected and personalized. No wonder people have also become invested in Adidas Pakistan in recent times. Here are some reasons why the company is still a favorite amongst the masses:

Innovative Concepts

Adidas doesn’t follow the pack when it comes to shoes for athletes and consistently tests new technologies to make better products.  One fine example is their 4DFWD: Data-Driven 3D Printed Performance Shoes that offer a 3D printed midsole for a unique lattice structure that guides the foot and delivers long-lasting cushioning for any activity.

On the other hand, you also have Adidas teaming up with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization, to solve the problem of ocean plastics by creating one pair of recycled shoes at a time. There is already a collection of sustainable Adidas-Parley shoes that you can discover today.

Terrific Customer Service

Instead of trying to “fix everything”, Adidas focuses on offering the most value to customers and where it can add the most value for customer experience both online and in-stores. The company is consumer-centric and believes in consumer-first viewpoints by building a personal relationship with the customer. brooks shoes Technology recently has been a great enabler and with Service Cloud, Adidas is empowering its staff of over 1,100 care agents with tremendous customer service all from a single application. With over 50 major stores in more than 40 countries, customers can now contact the company through email, phone, social, and the web according to their preferences.

Adidas Boost and NMD

The trademarked polymer used by Adidas is the Boost which is in the form of pellets that are compressed and molded for various models including the Energy Boost and the Ultraboost. The pellets consist of proprietary thermoplastic urethane (TPU) that is formed into a small pill shape. The material is claimed to be superbly comfortable on the wearer’s feet.

On the other hand, the Adidas NMD is a modern lifestyle shoe that is built with cutting-edge technologies that make them feel lighter and roomier. The NMD typically has a stretchy upper that hugs the foot. They come with details like colorful midsole plugs and transparent heel clips. Ideally, they are streetwear shoes that are good for everyday casual wear and walking on city streets.

Specialty and Collector’s Items

Over the years Adidas has partnered with several celebrities from non-athletic backgrounds to create incredible shoe lines that are downright collector items in their own right. Some of them include the likes of:

  • Beastie Boys – New York City’s hip hop rap group that was formed back in 1981 are now celebrating the 30th anniversary of ‘Paul’s Boutique’ with their own official Adidas shoe. The new pair of vegan trainers are an update on the classic Adidas Americana skateboard sneakers boasting a fully vegan upper crafted from the canvas. The shoe is also paired with a durable gum sole and exclusive ‘Beastie Boys’ badging.

  • Beyoncé – spouse of Jay-Z and regarded as one of the world’s best-selling recording artists with over 120 million records sold worldwide, she became a creative partner with Adidas in 2019. Together they have developed an athletic brand known as Adidas x Ivy Park. Currently online you can buy the Super Sleek 3 Strap Shoes at $120 for a pair with iconic Adidas Samba tongue, durable canvas, and leather upper, riding on a classic gum rubber outsole.

  • Kanye West – regarded as one of the most influential hip hop musicians of all time, collaborated with Adidas in February 2015. The collaboration is known as Adidas Yeezy and it has become notable for its high-end limited edition colorways and general releases offered by the Yeezy Boost sneakers lineup. Adidas Yeezy sneakers today have become extremely influential and highly coveted.

  • Run-DMC – founded in 1983, this American hip hop group from Hollis, Queens, New York City signed a $1,600,000 endorsement deal with Adidas in 1986. This would then result in defining the look and style of streetwear for the next 25 years of hip-hop fashion. Today wearing lace-less Adidas has become part of hip hop legacy and Run-DMC Adidas shoes are considered collectibles by fans.

Final Word

To sum it all up, Adidas shoes have a long line of history with popular culture and their shoes offer incredible comfort, functionality, and style to name a few. Moreover, they are originally designed to produce the best performance for athletes and this is why many world-renowned athletes like David Beckham and Novak Djokovic endorse the brand. This makes them extremely well-liked by consumers all over the globe.

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