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Toronto Entrepreneur Illuminating African Fashion To The Mainstream and It’s Making Wows!


It looks like these young fashion designers are not letting go of those colorful African prints and so they’re making new designs each day in the mix of both mainstream and contemporary fashion-styled clothing. A young Toronto-based designer and fourth-year Ryerson student “Tehilah Abakasanga” at just 22 years old, is showing the world her artful collection at African exotic style clothing brand “ÖFUURË”  which includes the famous Kente print swimsuits, boots, and dresses that bring up sunshine even to the shadier Canadian winters.

This is what the most famous about the exotic African prints. They can brighten up your darkest day with their historic-rich look and can bring you the pop culture hype of Africa which means you can now energize your life.

OFURRE- A Colorful Story Of African Inspired Fashion Began Three Years Ago

The African clothing store line of OFURRE was launched by Tehliah three years ago, and since then it has stormed the Instagram following of over 139,000 fans, counting some of the music and fashion industries’ biggest names. The masses of the Instagram were exposed to colorful pieces like the CHIOMA crop top, a long sleeve made from cotton and wax fabric that runs for CAD 80.99. Kelly Rowland and Tia Mowry wore these ready-to-wear garments; also the OFURRE brand has been co-signed by these superstars.

OFFURE’s designs in a way promote the feature prints that resemble both West Africa and are exclusive to the brand itself. You have to distance yourself from all the other lifestyle photographer Toronto

What Types Of Prints Does This Brand Offers?

Specifically, inspirations include Ankara prints and the popular Kente pattern indigenous to Ghana which is perfect for spending a day at the beach. The brand OFFURE also presents the clothing line for athletic wear, and you could wear these old-friendly gear like trench coats and boots to bear it with the extremely cold weather conditions.  “We know people think African attire and winter attire doesn’t go hand in hand” says – Dunnie Onasanya, ÖFUURË’s Washington-based brand manager. That’ why at OFURRE, people can find many variations that make them ready to wear at least something they’d like.

The Best Part About OFFURE?

OFFURE caters to women of every size. It has its pieces available from small to 3XL. Plus it’s affordable: the hit Maxi Infinity floor-length costs under $200 and is offered in many patterns-each of it paying homage to African culture and diversity. All of the brightly-colored wax prints of OFFURE tells a beautiful journey of exchange between the West and Africa. These prints no doubt are your traditional and modern grabs which define the African ethnic groups truly as they’re.


It is located just north of Eglinton station is the third and longest physical store ÖFUURË has run so far. It’s open to anyone who’d love to support African designs and make advancements in it keeping in mind that contemporary African fashion can do even better with the involvement of mainstream designs.

Modern Couples Take Inspiration From Exotic Style Clothing Of Africa

It won’t be an understatement if we say modern couples prefer to wear African stylish exotic clothing that looks classy and have a depth and breadth of traditional roots of Africa. Surely, Africa is king in hand-woven textiles which have reached the modernity in just a short time.

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