How to Clean Your Feet at Home


You can’t wait to have some “Me time” at weekends after feeling exhausted from the long week in work. It’s the time when you want to relax at home and take out your beauty bucket to make corrections to your hair, skin and beauty routine. However, during that time when you accidentally set eyes on your feet and wig out at how dirty they are, you feel highly embarrassed. As a result, you start Googling home remedies to make your feet look clean, soft and sanitary again.

Unclean feet can be a health risk if ignored for a long time. It can induce several foot problems like dermatitis, fungal infections which are very common in athlete’s foot, stinking feet, yellow or ingrown toenails, or disease caused by cuts and sores. Hence you need to work on your feet naturally with the tips we’re providing you. Don’t forget to add these in your foot care and implement these twice a week for better results.

1.    Load Small Tub With Warm Water

Fill out a small tub with lukewarm water, but the tub should be good to accommodate your feet with enough space. Adjust the temperature, not too hot or cold just moderate. Dip your hand first in the tub to make sure of the temperature you exactly want. Add a liquid soap or body wash to the filled water and make it a little foamy. Spin the water with your hand movement. You will see the layer of bubbles appearing on the top.

Note: If you’re a diabetic patient you need to be extra cautious with the temperature of the water.

2.    Soak Your Feet In The Water

Soak Your Feet In The Water

It’s the second essential step towards achieving clean feet. Sit down in a chair and soak your feet properly in the water for at least five minutes. Remember that soapy water should cover your full feet to remove the built-up dirt on your feet.

Note: Keep a precaution handy in the form of a cloth. Wind up the water splashes around the tub when you’re done with submerging your feet so that when you stand up and come out of the tub, you don’t slip at the wet floor. Slipping on a wet floor can cause severe injuries and obviously who would like to break a bone for the sake of foot care.

3.    Wash Your Feet

Wash them off specifically with the sponge and scrub the dirt away from your feet. Daily washing your feet prevents unpleasant foot odor and fungal infections and doing so will leave your feet to twinkle clean and beautiful. If you see the built-up dirt is not leaving your feet easily, it’s high time to do quick magic.

Take out two spoons of baking soda from your kitchenette and dissolve baking soda in hot water which means soak your feet in the created solution again for good 15 or 20 minutes. Scrub your feet a little harder this time during washing.

Note: Submerge your towel or sponge in water lightly and make it moist but not completely soaked. First, scrub your feet gently giving attention to the arch of each foot. Between the toes and under toenails. If the results are not yet satisfactory, scrub it a little harder otherwise gentle moves are recommendable.

•    Rinse your feet with the clean towel by putting it between each foot.

•    If you’re using a soap bar, make a good lather and apply soap all around both feet.

•     If you find the water very dirty, discard it and fill the tub with fresh water to rinse off the soap.

4.    Dry Your Feet

Dry Your Feet

Make sure you dry your feet with a fresh towel. Excess moisture left on your feet and between the toes can produce microbes that grow on feet because of the moisture provided by sweat. No matter how clean your feet look, they’re continuously in contact with microorganisms that can potentially cause fungal infection on your feet. Not only has this but sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and oils also given rise to bacterial growth.

Note: It is important to pat dry your feet with a clean towel to prevent infection. Secondly, If you’re suffering from diabetes, avoid rubbing your feet with a towel instead gently dry between your toes because its the place where the bacteria grows. 

6.    Discard The Dirty Water

Dispose of the dirty tub water in the drain or outside in your yard. Make sure the floor is dry when you step on it with the clean feet.

7.     File Or Trim Your Toenails

 Trim Your Toenails

Have you ever noticed that your toenails get large while bathing or washing your feet? So properly trim your nails after you get your feet off from the water and remove the build-up dirt underneath the nail.


  • Use toenail clippers, not scissors.
  • Don’t cut the nails too short otherwise as it might lead to the development of ingrown toenails.
  • File down any sharp edges with an emery board used as a nail filer.

Follow these steps to keep up with your foot hygiene as this way you can make your feet clean quickly and stay away from Salon’s hassle. Or else if you won’t keep up with the steps, you might have to get in touch with a Podiatrist-a specialized foot doctor Ontario, Canada who provide advanced medical and surgical treatments to the people having foot disorders.

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